A downloadable party game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's every penguin for themselves! 

Set on a lone glacier in the middle of nowhere, four penguins are forced into a game of last bird standing. The ice is crumbling around them, and below the arctic waters killer whales lie in wait to feast. At the end of the day only one penguin will remain, but which one will it be?

A four-player co-op physics driven party game, players take control of one penguin each on a crumbing glacier.  As the ground beneath them crumbles apart players must either knock each other off, avoid falling pieces, raise up their hands and party to death, or twiddle their flippers and hope to go unnoticed. The last player who remains wins the game!

Xbox Controller Controls:

  • Left stick to move
  • (A) button to raise the roof, woot woot!

Created as part AIE's Battle for Train Jam


Students had to create a game over the course of a school week (21 hours) to demonstrate their jamming and cooperation abilities. This was to determine a sufficiently capable team would be chosen in sending off to Train Jam. Train Jam is a 52-hour game jam spanning across the entirety of the journey from Chicago to San Francisco. 


Jacob Neptune

  • Environment Artist
  • Killer Whale Animator
  • Producer

Justice Shultz

  • Jiggle Physicist PHD
  • Programmer
  • Producer

Kylie Walker

  • Penguin Artist
  • UI Designer

Michael Ha

  • Killer Whale Artist
  • Killer Whale Rigger

Tyrese Buckhanon

  • Sound Design

More information


Penguin Rush Final Build - 10/18/2019 2:15pm 59 MB
Updated Arena Texture Build

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file

Extract the folder inside the ZIP

Plug in 4 remotes and gather your friends for 4 player local co-op

Run the exe, wait for the game menu to load(little slow on the startup)

Ready up by double tapping A

Be the last penguuuu~

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